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Starting with CEOs

As you can tell from these testimonials, I love working with Chief Executives and other Directors on a one-to-one basis.  In situations where a leader feels for some reason trapped, and disempowered, it is incredibly worthwhile being able to support them in freeing themselves from whatever it is that is holding them back.

Once I have worked with a CEO, it can work very well to provide some coaching for individual Executive Directors who might have developed some particular behaviours that are having a negative impact on team performance.  Informal troubleshooting of this sort really can help individuals to step out of an unhelpful dynamic with one or two colleagues that has gone on for too long.


Over the years, I have taken on this support role for some Board Chairs as well as CEOs, working alongside Board members and supporting them in rethinking what they most want from their role.  Sometimes a few hours spent thoughtfully working with key individuals can help to redirect some of their energies that have become tied up in unhelpful rivalries before they cause lasting damage.

I am constantly struck by the way in which behaviour changes on the part of one or two Directors/ Chief Officers can reverberate around an organisation.  Many people forget that when two Directors are involved in some sort of negative rivalry, members of their respective teams will take this on as well and make it their own as a sign of their loyalty to their Director.  

Team coaching 

Team coaching is an area of my work that I have found incredibly rewarding.  In some ways it's much more challenging than one-to-one coaching, because the process can so easily be undermined if just one member of the team resists what the coach is trying to achieve.


From 2016 to 2020 I was Director of the leadership programme of St. George's House, Windsor Castle, designing and leading an intensive series of 50 development sessions for our cohort of 250 Leadership Fellows.  We usually worked with groups of 20 to 25 leaders at any one time, for events lasting from one to three days.


To make this work as well as we wanted, I accepted that sometimes I would need to invest 80% of my energies in one difficult member of a group to make sure that they signed up to what we were about.  I knew that if I could win them over the group would be able to go on and achieve some amazing outcomes.  


If you ask me to work with your team, I would draw on all of my experiences to develop a customised team development programme for you, with the option of one-to-one work in-between key team meetings to help individuals let go of unhelpful mindsets that are sometimes best tackled without too many witnesses around!

Experience of working with teams has taught me that 9 times out of 10 it is better to take really tricky inter-personal issues out of the whole team, and work on them with the two or three people involved. Then once they have an agreed way forward they take it back to the team and share it with them.  



Coaching fees

For all of my one-to-one coaching work, a significant part of the delivery is online via Teams or Zoom.   


My charge-out rate is £280 plus VAT per hour.  For prospective clients, I offer an exploratory discussion online to explore whether we feel I would be the right person to offer you leadership coaching.  If we decide to go ahead, I ask you to commit to the first four sessions, and always ask for at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or postpone a session.


In the event of you needing to change a session within less than 24 hours, the full fee is payable.


Sometimes a client will come to my home in Goring-on-Thames in South Oxfordshire for face-to-face coaching and sometimes I will travel to see them at their office or home.


When I travel to them, I charge for my travel time and costs at one-third of my hourly coaching fee. 

For face-to-face team coaching, I usually price my time on the basis of a day rate of £1400 plus VAT, and agree an overall day count with the client at the outset.


Preparatory and follow-up work with individual members of the team is nearly always online. 

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