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Posted in April 2021, as more Chief Executives made plans to bring their top teams together for face-to-face discussions about leading their organisation once the Covid restrictions are no longer.  The video suggested an approach towards the top team owning a small number of agreed behaviours as a basis for inviting others to hold them to account - and then encouraging them to follow suit!

3 mins 4 seconds

This video, posted in May of last year, was on the blame culture that exists in too many organisations and the link between that and the behaviour of many leaders who are too busy to ask more than one question at the same time (that's on a good day!)
6 mins 22 seconds

This video is on the considerable challenge of working for a Chair or CEO who is a narcissist.  I think there are few challenges as great as working for someone with narcissistic behaviours that they don't own.  The video draws on the experiences of a number of the CEOs I have worked with as well as some of my own mistakes.

9 mins 41 seconds - sorry, it's a really tricky subject!

Face-to-face teamworking is on trial at the moment, and for rather a lot of people, the jury is still out!  Here's one idea, all about achieving greater personal connection - and HONESTY in the room  4 mins 37 seconds

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