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"Out of my comfort zone"

"I was first introduced to Pete by my Chairman about a year into my tenure as CEO in summer 2016 and we ended up working together until the end of summer 2019.  After working in the business for 5 years I had risen to CEO.  I knew I wasn't performing as I wanted but I couldn't make sense of where I was going wrong. When I first started talking to Pete I felt he grasped my situation straight away.  It was a relief there was someone out there who could bring some clarity!

Working with Pete was never a weekly philosophical debate about the finer points of leadership. It was about real life issues and action focused.  The issues we tackled weren't difficult - they were raw and sore! They were about my own performance and how the business needed to evolve and they took me a long, long way out of my comfort zone.  But I could handle the challenge and pace because I knew at all times that Pete had my best interests at heart.


In the 3 years I worked with Pete I feel I transformed as a leader into someone who was (mostly) in control and therefore more confident. I've learnt things that I know will be with me for life and take real pleasure in passing these learnings on to others and seeing the benefit they bring to them too."

Ben Wilson latest.png

Ben Wilson, CEO of Grovelands, Consulting & Resourcing in Insurance, Financial Services and Regulated Industries.  2021

Professor Linda Drew.  Chair of Visit Greenwich and Social Enterprise Mark.  Former university Vice-Chancellor.


Linda latest.png

"Nothing was off limits"

"If you're thinking of what you need from a coach, and you need dedicated support, challenge and stretch, then I can't recommend Pete highly enough.  This man has energy, determination, compassion and empathy.

I was thinking about leadership coaching after I had taken on a senior leadership role in an organisation with a long history of institutional conflict. Coaching helped me acknowledge the complex challenges this brings for a leader, and that turning around institutional culture is a long haul journey with potential for burn out and further conflict.  Pete regularly checked in with me and supported me side by side, in face-to-face meetings, email and on the phone. Nothing was off limits and everything was strictly confidential.  Pete is also great FUN, and a brilliant raconteur, so there are always lighter moments in the coaching sessions.

More recently, Pete has also helped me transition from an executive to a non-executive portfolio career with the same warmth of spirit and high energy contribution to the support relationship.  Pete is one of the most important actors in my leadership journey."

Absolute trust

"Pete's unrivalled ability to tease out the best in leaders with his thought provoking, non-threatening approach facilitates actions with positive outcomes.  His great insights into behaviours and challenges, gained from his work with Boards in an extensive range of industry sectors, enables his prompt and pertinent responses as well as his endless store of optimism.  These make him a great ally for any leader.

Pete's commitment to colleagues and clients is whole-hearted and personal, with absolute trust.  I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to be coached by him in preparation for important events, knowing his support is there whenever needed."


Nina Robinson.  Experienced Finance and Commercial Director, Governor of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Non-Executive Director of Slough Children First.

Simon Witts.png

Simon Witts.  Founder and CEO of the International Air and Space Training Institute and Aviation 360. Former Executive Board Director of five regional airlines.


"I would not be where I am today ..."

"Pete is a rare breed!  I have worked with many people over the years and have rarely, if ever, come across someone who can so rapidly assimilate the situation, understand where you are coming from, guide you through whatever issues you have and connect you to a clear pathway out the other side into the sunlit uplands!


Coupled with this incredible talent, from personal experience, he is able to do it in a really genuine, empathetic, caring and supportive manner one to one or in a group of up to 20!


I would not be where I am today without Pete's support and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone."

"Mastery and kindness"

"You facilitated the conference with such mastery and kindness.  


You brought our ethos of inclusion to the forefront not just in the careful development of content and support to our wonderful and inspiring speakers, but also in creating the right environment for candour and compassion to flourish amongst all participants.


The feedback since has been overwhelmingly positive. THANK YOU, Pete, for a great job so expertly and yet humbly and warmly done." 

In the summer of 2021 Avon and Somerset Police invited Pete to support them with facilitating the 2021 national LGBT+ Police Conference. A conference with more than 300 participants, most joining solo online and some sharing the same physical space, enabled Pete to draw on his extensive experience facilitating all sorts of ideas-building events over the years.

The Avon and Somerset Police team was led by Dan Wood, their Chief Officer for People and Organisational Development.  On the left we include an extract from a comment posted by Dan on LinkedIn on September 24, in response to a piece by Pete on the Conference.

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